white pigmented water based wax emulsions curing compound

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White Pigmented Water Based Wax Emulsions Curing Compound



White Pigmented Water Based wax Emulsion Curing Compound




Ultracure-S is a Curing Compound Product for Concrete. Ultracure- S is a Membrane forming Concrete Curing Compound based on synthetic wax emulsion available in white pigmented or clear liquid form.




Ultracure is a liquid membrane forming Concrete Curing Compound. On freshly cast concrete/ newly exposed concrete after removal of formwork, e.g. pavements, runways, bridge decks, industrial floors, columns & beams etc. where water curing is difficult or unreliable. It prevents surface cracks, surface crazing & early water evaporation from fresh concrete / plaster.




Ultracure-S is a prevents premature water loss, cracking reduced to minimum. Saves on water and labour by replacing most tedious & expensive methods of curing. Pigmented grade successfully reflects the sunlight.




Ultracure-S may be used by spraying or soft brushing after the initial bleed water evaporated. It is ideal for use on any formwork made of steel, wood, fiberglass, plastic etc.




3 – 6 m²/ ltr. Depending on the surface texture.

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