Liquid Floor Hardner, floor hardner

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Liquid Floor Hardner


Liquid Floor Hardener and Dustproofer





Ultratop-100 Liquid Floor Hardener is a clear liquid, which is a ready – to – use product for hardening and dust proofing of floors.




Ultratop-100 Liquid Floor Hardener can be used for both new and old concrete floors and inudstrial floring.




  • Hardens dustproof and seals porous floors.
  • Penetrates surface and is chemically converted into layer of hard, wear resistant particles.
  • Older the floor during uses, shining appears to emerge.




New concrete floors:-


Floors must be thoroughly cured for a minimum of 14 days, dry and free from dust so as to readily absorb the hardening fluid.


Remove all traces of membrane curing film if present, using power brush equipment wherever possible. Remove any oil, grease or other substances from concrete surface using detergent or other suitable method. Allow the floors to dry thoroughly afterwards at least 24 hours.


Apply first coat by spreading evenly with brush on the concrete surface. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Check for any accumulation of surplus hardeners on low lying spots. Scrub these areas with a stiff brush and hot water, if necessary to remove any white deposit.


Apply second coat with brush and allow to drying for 24 hours before subjecting floor to normal use.
A third coat may be applied if the floor is found to be highly porous. Here also allow to dry for 24 hours.


Old or porous concrete floors:-


Following the directions as for new concrete floors, but use three coat application.


Technical data:-


Physical appearance

Clear Liquid

Specific Gravity at 30°C

1.20 + 0.02

Coverage (typically)

3 coat treatment:8 to 10 M² Per kg.


allow 24 hours drying per coat before over Coat before over coating or placing floor Into service.

Health & Safety Non toxic and non – flammable.
Flash point  aqua based product not applicable.
Application Equipment hair brush or broom, squeegee or mop.
Cleaning water.
Packing 25 kg and 250 kg containers.
Storage it stored in a dry place in an unopened Container. Shelf life of 12 month could be Expected.


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