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High Strength Non Shrink Cementatious Grout



Non Shrink Cementatious Grout  




Ultra Grout is a Non shrink, free flow cementitious grout




Ultra Grout machine base plate grouting turbines generators, pumps, presses, steel rolling beds production machinery and crane rails.




Ultra Grout is best mixed in forced action mixer powder is gradually added to the pre- measured water & mixed mechanically with a slow speed drill (250-500 rpm) attached with a paddle type mixer, until a smooth & even consistency is achieved. Do not mix more grout than can be used with in 15 min & do not add any extra water. Pour the fluid grout after mixing from one end only. Ensure that air displaced by the fluid grout is allowed to escape. When carrying out base plate grouting ensures sufficient grout head pressure is maintained to keep grout flowing (about 200mm). Curing: after the grout is initially hardened keep the grout damp by covering with polythene or damp hessian.




25 Kg bag will yield 13.7 liters at flow able Consistency.

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