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Environment, Health and Safety


We are dedicated to the highest standards of health and safety practices and realize our corporate responsibility to the environment. Our goal is to establish an outstanding record of leadership and strong corporate citizenship. We come to work each day with a focus and dedication to work smart, work safe and take care of each other.


At our manufacturing locations, we continue to look for ways to improve our processes through increased recycling, waste reduction and energy savings. We are also working to secure International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 certifications. The certification process involves the identification of environmental aspects and impacts associated with our plant and the establishment of targets for continuous improvement.


EHS Management System Commitment


Ultracon creates products and services that enhance life of people. The benefits of our products and services are accompanied by enduring commitments to our EHS Management System.


We will make continuous progress toward the vision of no accidents, injuries or harm to the environment, and will publicly report our global environmental health and safety performance.


We will conduct our business in an ethical manner that increasingly benefits society, the economy and the environment while adhering to the following principles:


  • To seek and incorporate public input regarding our products and operations.
  • To provide products that can be manufactured transported, used and disposed safely.
  • To make health, safety, the environment and resource conservation critical considerations for all new and existing products and resources.
  • To maintain a process for characterizing and managing product risk and making it available to the public.
  • To provide information on health or environmental risks, and to identify, implement and promote protective measures for employees, the public and other key stakeholders.
  • To work with customers, carriers, suppliers, distributors and contractors to foster the safe use, transport and disposal of our products and materials.
  • To operate our facilities in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the public.
  • To support education and research on the health, safety and environmental effects of our products and processes.
  • To lead in the development of responsible laws, regulations and standards that safeguard the community, workplace and environment; and,
  • To practice safe and responsible operations, encouraging and assisting others in this endeavour.




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