Acrylic polymer, Modified cementatious, water proof coating

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Acrylic Polymer Modified Cementatious Water Proof Coating



Basement Water Proofing


Ultracrete is an additive polymer cement composite for multipurpose use i.e. Basement Water Proofing of toilets, sunken portions, roofs, swimming pool, water tanks etc. for surface protection, repair, rehabilitation, floor topping, durable & aesthetic exterior &  aesthetic exterior finish with cement paint, repairing of concrete and masonry, joining concrete to concrete etc.




  • Combines water proofing with tough & hard – wearing surface, allows trapped vapours to escape thus preventing peeling and blistering.
  • Develops excellent bound to most of the building materials.
  • Is highly durable in continuous wet conditions.
  • Is not affected by ultra – violet rays & by chemicals ranging from mild acids to strong alkalis.
  • Most properties improve with age.
  • Bounding aid for the new and old concrete / mortar repair & patching of concrete.




  • The surface should be free from all dust, foreign matters. Loose materials or any deposits of contaminants.
  • All concrete surfaces should be thoroughly per – wetted for at least one hour prior to the applications of Ultracrete coating by pouring water on flat surface or by vigorously spraying water on vertical / inclined surfaces.
  • When placing Ultracrete coating, water should be removed so that surface is only damp. In no case there should be standing water or a shiny wet surface,
  • Depressions may be filled and leveled using Ultracon cement mortar and for such filler material the mixing ratio is 1 kg cement 1.5 kg silica sand and 0.5 kg Ultracrete.




Ultracrete polymer is mixed with neat cement in the ratio of 2 kg cement: 1kg of Ultracrete it should be stirred throughly until no air bubbles remain in the mix.


The mix has to be applied by brush on the prepared surface. Two or more coats are recommended. First coat should be allowed to air dry for 5 – 6 hours before application of second coat.




Ultracrete systems must be applied at temperature above 10°C and preferably below 35°C during the first 12 hours of curing. It must be protected from abrasion, rain and other adverse conditions. No traffic should be allowed on an Ultracrete treated surface within 48 hours of application of final of Ultracrete initial air drying should be done for 2- 6 hours. During this period at no water is to be used for curing. After maximum period of final applications moist curing should be done for the next 24 hours by way of spraying water on Ultracrete coating. During this period at no point of time should the Ultracrete coating be left completely dry or submerged in water. Flooring moist curing. The Ultracrete coating should be allowed to air dry for three days before submersion in water or as required for used.

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